Take the pain out of starting a small business website.

Cash flow is king for any business, especially when you're just starting out. Websitesby.me will help you get a professional website setup correctly online at a fixed price.

Your new website is only half the story though. We also do the tricky stuff behind the scenes too, like maximising your local business potential to getting you properly exposed to maximum effect for search (Google & Bing), which is INCLUDED with every website.

Add to that a FREE Adwords voucher for £50 and help to get your adverts up and running.

Who is selling to your customers online if you are not online yourself?

About Me

Hello, I'm Tony Jackson and I run Websitesby.me

I have seen the painful experiences of small businesses who have dealt with designers and web agencies who did not deliver the snake oil they promised, but who charged incredible fees for the most straight forward of work.

Recovering the investment in your website is what I want to give you, which I am sure is foremost in your mind when making any purchase for your business. As I am reminded every day - cash flow is king.

Knowing how much it will cost and what you can expect is key to the service you will receive. My prices are below and they are fixed. This takes the all guess-work out of the process. As, lets face it, apart from our monthly utility bills, we all expect a straight answer about cost.

If you would like to have a chat about a website or how to improve your existing site, my contact information is below.

I'm only in the business of providing websites at the right price to do the job you need them to do - serving your customers. There is no hard sell or spamming, just the focus on how I can help you get the most out of being online.

Some of My Work

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"Our new site has made a massive difference to our customer shopping experience. Many thanks for all the help"

Scott Kane - Clydestyle Fishing

"Thanks for our great site - you took the pain out of getting us online properly"

Elaine Hamilton - The Beauty Clinic

"Finally someone who cuts through the nonsense, doesnt have ridiculous rates and gives you what you actually need instead of over selling to you."

Mev Brown


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    You’re the boss with Google+ Pages

    You’re the boss when it comes to controlling who gets to see what with Google+ pages

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    12 Ways Not To Put Off Readers

    I always encourage websites owners to write about their industry, even if it is just to comment on recent developments, or new products or services they offer. This always helps to drive website traffic to their site and helps to bring in new customers.

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    Google Adwords now benefit the most relevant landing pages

    It looks like Google has completed its trial of increasing the weight given to landing pages when determining the Quality Score and ranking of adverts. The trial has been running in Spanish speaking Latin America, Brazil, Spain & Portugal and looks

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    Stronger than any coffee: LastPass advising they ‘might’ have a problem.

    Yesterday I was forced by LastPass to update my master password as the result of some unexplained web traffic on their servers. This came as I was still half asleep and not even a slurp of coffee to start the day. Nothing has woken me up faster than the sinking feeling that every thing I do [...]

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    Signals that your website is crying for an update

    Is you website crying out for changes? Here are some simple signals that an update may be in order.


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If you're thinking about getting a new website, give a me a call or use the contact form below (or if you're really shy, we can keep just to emails to begin with). Rest assured, you're not going to be spammed with junk from me or enyone else as a result and you'll definitely not get endless sales calls, you have my word.

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